PCOS is not near as difficult - instead of 2 heavy days it’s lessened to 3 days of lighter flow. PMS is diminished as is cramping. I didn't even notice I was about to have my cycle last time. It was nice not to have the cramping. AN

Dawn is a compassionate and talented CranioSacral Therapist. I found it easy to relax under her hands and felt my body release areas of tension as she worked. Having worked with Dawn for over a year, I have also experienced sessions of SER, Somato Emotional Release, with her. Dawn has the training to help you navigate emotions and memories that may come up during your CST session. She uses her skills to allow you to explore these thoughts, memories, and emotions with kindness and without judgement. She provides a safe place to examine and ultimately release the tensions that are causing disfunction within your body. -MM

CST is a holistic approach to whole body health...because it is physical, mental, emotional and for me, spiritual, it's a lifestyle practice.  It's in addition to eating better, getting enough sleep, taking supplements and drinking enough water but because it's releasing stress and trauma in the body I liken it to a self-care ritual other women have.  Some women get their nails done or get massages.  I have regular CST. - JW

Dawn is a great listener and is good at picking up areas while conversing that need to be worked on. Oftentimes they are issues that I have not been aware of until she starts asking questions. She has worked on my dizziness, which has affected me for 3 years and has given me some exercises to do to help when I experience dizziness. But in working on this she has noticed some other things, either by talking, touching, or by my body's reaction. 

I enjoy cooking, but cannot smell. Dawn worked on this with me and this summer when I went to the beach I could actually smell the water as we got closer, what a joy to be able to have that ability to smell what I am eating, drinking, or experiencing in my day to day life. 

Incontinence is becoming an issue as I've gotten older. Dawn noticed that when I coughed I crossed my legs and began working on that area. I also had started getting up at night several times. I can now sleep through the most of the night, till about 5 AM, and am feeling more in control of my bladder.

These are all life changing issues for me. They are not eliminated, but I now have tools in place to help me when I experience dizziness, a sense of smell that may not be strong but is a part of life and living that brings joy. Having more control over my bladder is life changing, Enjoying long walks on the beach, sleeping undisturbed for at least 5 to 6 hours a night, and being able to wait in line at a public facility. LC


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