What to Expect

Office: bright, clean, cheery

Your partlie comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table

Practitioners part:  works on your head, feet, lower back, and spine

Environment: safe, non-judgmental, friendly

Service Duration: 45 to 55 minutes

How often to get CST: Consistency is important - 2x week is helpful but 1x week is common until maintenance phase is attained

What type of palpation: 5 grams of pressure - a super light touch that moves with the body instead of against

One client relates:  There is a holistic ritual to CST where talking about my week and my stress integrates with how much better I feel after sessions.  I can certainly appreciate how some people might like the quietness of a session and the pause in their day as they are being worked on but since I also process verbally, I love that Dawn is open, friendly and inquisitive during the session.

Another states: CST is a science. Just as acupuncture or reflexology. She is very knowledgeable about the science of what she is doing, and how it affects the body. Dawn is continually learning, growing, and gaining confidence so she can help others be healthy and whole. 

To schedule please text or call:  208-440-2621