Enhancing the body’s rhythm to its natural state

Welcome! I'm Dawn, my main focus as a craniosacral therapist is women's health. After your initial evaluation we dive in each week working to release restrictions. Your wellbeing is important. Let’s work together to regain your health – ladies, you are worth it!

TMJ                   PCOS              Migraines 

Anxiety            Menstrual Cramping

Headaches      Edema          Depression

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Refresh, renew and restore your body!

Ladies to schedule please text: 208-440-2621.

Men to schedule please text 208-440-4570

One client says: 100% it has improved my daily life. I usually float out of Dawn's office feeling the euphoria one experiences after a massage.  Craniosacral therapy absolutely should be a regular routine in everyone's week.  - JB

Another client indicates: PCOS is not near as difficult - instead of 2 heavy days it’s lessened to 3 days of lighter flow. PMS is diminished as is cramping.