About the Practitioner

I have completed CST 1, CST 2 and SER 1. I have SER 2 on my calendar for 2024.  My focus is to encourage, validate and walk alongside other women. I believe each person's journey is unique and I provide a safe non-judgmental environment to heal.

I completed Heart-Centered Therapy 1 and 2. HCT offers deep healing without reliving the trauma.

I plan to complete longevity and aging coursework to assist with quality support of the aging population. The excitement is palpable regarding CST and it's effect on Alzheimer's and Dementia.  Studies are reporting a 20% decrease in confusion and offer some improvement regarding self-care with short CST sessions each day. This hits home as both of my grandma's had struggles in this area. 

I am looking into becoming a grief life coach to assist those who have experienced a death in their circle of influence.  After our family experienced our own deep loss my father and I facilitated Grief Share groups for 8 years. The road of grief is often lonely but it doesn't have to remain this way. I provide a safe environment for clients to share their struggles.

I'm a native Idahoan dedicated to church, family and friends. Growing up here has afforded me the luxury of living near most of our family. My husband and I spend time as friendly rivals in local speed competitions. I also love Bible studies, quilting, scrapbooking, traveling and NASCAR. Over a weekend you might find me painting rocks to hide around town for others to enjoy. We have two amazing children and two adorable grandchildren.

Dawn Ewing